The 1st Health System Overlay

We are the future of AI Health & Interoperability.

The AI Enabler, we serve and support almost every health constituent.

The 1st Health System Overlay

We are the future of AI Health & Interoperability.

The AI Enabler, we serve and support almost every health constituent.


Capturing structured binary data at the point of the encounter.

A plug-In that Super Charges your current EHR. AI Ready to deliver exceptional care and performance while reducing your costs.

Keep your EHR and Optimize the workflow, Auto-Documentation, Auto-Coding at RAC auditable levels. Half the Hours for Twice the Return! No Disruption in Patient Care! Practice Medicine, Not Data Entry.

Optimizing Clinical Workflow & Revenue. Empowering Health Intelligence & Value-Based-Care. Interoperable with any Health System.

30% Increase in Productivity & Profit

30% Increase in Reimbursements

95% Reduction in Accounts Receivables

99.67% Claims Paid on 1st Submission

99.99% Automated RAC Auditable Notes & Coding

Optimizing Clinical Workflow & Revenue

Empowering Health Intelligence & Value-Based-Care

Interoperable with any Health Systems

Actionable Healthcare Data at the Point of Care

Real-Time Using Proprietary ‘Touch Tap Talk Technology’

AI Enabler Providing the Most Granular Real-Time Normalized Health Data in the Industry

Auto Documentation & Auto Coding

The 1st interoperable cloud app that autocompletes documentation and coding – accurately, and in real-time.

What normally takes 10-15 days of an entire revenue cycle can be done in 40 seconds.

Easy to use – training takes 30 minutes.

Say goodbye to transcriptions, scribes and clinician burnout!

30% Increase

In Productivity

33% Increase

In Profitability

47% Reduction

In A/R Days

15% Increase

In Reimbursements

How It Works

Doctor-designed, intuitive functionality, automates those mundane tasks. PertexaIQ™ practically reads your mind!

30 minutes and our 1-page training manual is all you need to get going!

Fully automated documentation and coding means there’s less to learn and do. Entering patient data is a snap with our Touch-Tap-Talk™ technology. Algorithms that combine NASA-level structured data with machine learning (ML) generate the most accurate data available today.

Touch once for positive (true). Touch twice for negative (false). Accurate data captured!

Tap on over 5,000 anatomy graphics for diagnostic data capture via images. Pictures help patients too.

Talk or type in
unique details. Natural Language Processing = exact match in
visit report.

Touch – Tap – Talk Technology

Automate documentation and coding at a RAC auditable level.

Accelerate revenue & growth and cut costs at the same time. (PertexaIQ™ pays for itself. Fast.)

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, the way you train in med school = no learning curve!​

Interoperable app seamlessly shares data. Pulls in & pushes out securely. Works with all EHRs.​

Proprietary Touch-Tap-Talk™ tech works just like a smartphone for quick & easy data entry.​

99.67% claims approvals at 1st pass using the most reliable, actionable data available today.

Documentation & coding are autocompleted before your patient even leaves the room!

Who Benefits

Who Needs PertexaIQ™?

Clinics, on-the-go transitional and continuous care clinician groups, and those eyeing performance data. Designed for how clinicians choose to practice medicine and for those who collaborate with or advise them.

  • Care Organizations of all Sizes & Specialties – Wanting to improve financial and performance metrics.
  • Innovative AI Companies – Who do not want the expense of normalizing data but want clean digitized granular real-time data.
  • Clinical Trials, Pharma – Who want to reduce time to market on new research, drugs, and therapies.
  • Device, Research Companies – Who want clean real-time healthcare data.
  • ACO’s – Who have to gather data from a number of different systems, want faster cleaner data to increase MACRA/MIPS/HEDIS measures.
  • Value Based Care – To show through data better patient outcomes at lower costs.
  • Educators – Train with drill down anatomical linked to ICD, CPT, SNOMED with a clinical focus.
  • Captives – Looking to reduce healthcare costs, improve employees healthcare and wellbeing.
  • Clinicians – Who want to practice medicine but not spend hours in documenting, filling in data forms and Patients.
  • IPA’s & Fast Growing Medical Entities – A uniform User interface across all the different platforms, improves revenues, cashflows, reimbursements, reduce training times, malpractice and compliance needs.
  • Telehealth – Entities and networks who want greater patient engagement, satisfaction and ability to give patients their documentation immediately after the consult.
  • Mergers & Acquisition Entities – Who do not want the expense of replacing expensive legacy systems but want a common interoperable care platform to scale from.

Use Cases & Partners

Real-Time Provider Patient Engagement

For patients and employers who want to provide value for money, simply point, talk and engage with your medical provider during an in-person or virtual consultation.

NewWave Medical Network

A National provider network that required providers to be fully engaged with their patients, that needed the billing, coding completed immediately after the encounter to accelerate its cashflows to fuel its growth selected the Pertexa platform.

Powered by Pertexa


A Telehealth solution & ecosystem that engages patients using specialized AI-powered. Allows Patients to Speak to a Healthcare Professional 24 / 7 in front of a RoboRITA, at home or on the road, has selected Pertexa for its unique platform.

Powered by Pertexa

The Truckers Health Network

A national network of truck drivers, company leaders, healthcare providers, & vendors focused on connecting health supply & demand, selected Pertexa for its real-time data capture, showing companies a direct ROI, & reducing healthcare costs.

Powered by Pertexa


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Meet PertexaIQ™ App Platform: The Only Clinician Workflow, Revenue & Health Data Optimizer. Half the Hours for Twice the Return! No Disruption in Patient Care! Practice Medicine, Not Data Entry.


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