Investor & Partners

Investor & Partners

Pertexa is an emerging innovator in the healthcare sector, positioned to define the standard and future of structured data. We are a pre-IPO holding company with a clinician-patient-first approach.We unlock the true potential of structured data within EHRs, transforming fragmented healthcare into a unified health and care system.

Our motto, “doing good while doing well,” reflects our commitment to value-based care and social responsibility.

Pertexa Defines the Future of Healthcare

By structuring healthcare data, Pertexa empowers clinicians, improves patient care, and unlocks new possibilities for AI in healthcare.

Enhanced Clinical Decision Making: Our solutions provide clinicians with real-time, actionable insights at the point of the encounter.

Improved Patient Outcomes: Structured data facilitates better care coordination and personalized treatment plans.

Streamlined Healthcare Operations: Pertexa’s technology fosters increased efficiency and reduced administrative burden.

The Future of Structured Data in Healthcare

Pertexa’s core innovation lies in our overlay solution for existing Electronic Health Records (EHRs). This enables seamless Artificial or Algorithmic Intelligence (AI) integration for various healthcare stakeholders. Our independent operating companies further extend this reach:

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