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It’s not often that we can become part of a company on its way to transforming an entire industry. PertexaHealthTech is that rare company.

Rare because not only is its potential for 200X growth realistic, but because its proprietary SaaS solution can make meaningful, measurable change that benefits everyone, everywhere. (Healthcare doesn’t stop at borders.)

We are all patients at risk in a broken healthcare system, and many of us are the clinicians being broken by it.

PertexaIQ, the company’s flagship app, is the industry’s first and only fix for today’s critically flawed electronic health records (EHRs), which have created unsustainable revenue losses and harm to patients and clinicians alike. 

  • Accelerates revenue and growth.
  • Generates the most accurate, actionable data available.
  • Eliminates clinician burnout directly linked to EHRs.

But PertexaIQ can do something more. Something no other can: Dramatically reduce patient deaths due to fatal patient data errors, and put an end toclinician suicide caused by today’s critically flawed EHRs. 

That’s right, PertexaIQ can save lives

An innovative company hits a target
that no other company can hit.

A disruptive company hits a target
that no other company can see.

Meet PertexaIQ™ App Platform: The Only Clinician Workflow, Revenue & Health Data Optimizer. Half the Hours for Twice the Return! No Disruption in Patient Care! Practice Medicine, Not Data Entry.


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